The WC Warriors Class of '88

30th Reunion Site for Warren Central High School

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kelly Mote for getting me a copy of our Commencement Cover. What we didn’t know, because she was never given the credit, was that Kelly also did the original design work! Thanks Kelly


A very special thanks to Vikki Mc Donald Widgren for her continued support of our class and all Warren Central Alumni.

Vikki, you have been good to us in so many ways and for so many years that I’m not sure we can put it into words.  Such an amazing career and a life lived in service to a school full of students that needed someone to love them like you have.  It’s hard to imagine how many lives you’ve had the opportunity to be a part of over the years.  Thank you so much, from all of us, as students and now, as alumni for all you’ve done to make Warren the great school that it is.

A very special thanks to Ronda Branneman for creating the Warren central Memorial Page and Jessica (Tucker) Ballard-Barnett (1997 WC Grad) for her continued upkeep of  its content and for helping Julie Denzio and I make sure we honor all of our fallen warriors.

Finally, we all owe a very special thanks to the reunion committee Lisa Stout Bennett, Chris Chandler, Andre Denman, Julie Burkert-Denzio,  Anthony Dumas, Mark Dych and Tyrone Shelton for all their hard work and coming together to help dream this reunion into a reality. It truly has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see everyone!


3 comments on “Special Thanks

  1. Vikki Mc Donald Widgren
    February 22, 2013

    So looking forward to seeing all of you again. The years have brought many changes but none to the special place in my heart for the Class of ’88. You guys still ROCK!
    Love ya,
    Vikki Mc Donald Widgren

    • Chris Chandler
      February 22, 2013

      Thank you so much Vikki for having come along for the ride. I never had the pleasure of taking your class but,
      for those that did, I have heard many people say there is a very special place in their heart for you.

      • Vikki Mc Donald Widgren
        February 22, 2013

        Thank you so much. I am so grateful for so many wonderful memories of times shared with ’88.

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