The WC Warriors Class of '88

30th Reunion Site for Warren Central High School

30 Year Reunion Questionnaire

Please complete the following reunion questionnaire. We are looking for all kinds of info for the reunion. We will be doing awards at the reunion and you never know which questions will win prizes!

These will also be kept for future events for our class.

Photos, you ask? We would love to have a photo (or two or three) from everyone. We would love for you to look thru your old photos from back in the day and send them to us. You can mail them or email or click this link to submit them to our dropbox whichever you like.  If mailing, please do not forget to put a caption on the back, include the approximate date of the photo, who is in the photo, and your name so we know who it belongs to. If emailing photos, please include the same information in the email.

Now open up your favorite beverage, crack your knuckles, and get ready to type away!


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