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30th Reunion Site for Warren Central High School

People we’ll miss

Our Fallen Warriors

Thank you to Ronda Branneman for her work on the Warren Central High School Memorial Page and for providing the list below. If there are names missing, please contact Chris Chandler at

When we leave this world, we leave behind a hole in the universe where a person used to stand. For some, it’s a small, relatively empty hole. It may have a few memories in it and maybe some thoughts and feelings that people come by, look at, and walk on. For a very few, they leave a hole that is so large that it draws you into it whenever you’re close. So many people stand in there like a museum and hold the memories close to them. They linger with their thoughts and pass them around like treasures. How amazing is it that people make an effort to come to this place regularly to stand in the presence of our lost friends.  Thank you.

Baker, John – 1995
Ballinger, Darren – 2004
Beverly, Hosea – 1993
Bogigian, David – 1990
Burdsall, Michele – 2010
* Coon, Stephen – 2010
Coffey, Kimberly – 2018
Garvey, Kevin – 1989
Goode, Joel – 2008
Head, Devon – 2006
Jones (Micell), Dianne – 2008
Maddox, John – 1992
Mayberry, Arthur Douglas Jr. – 2014
McGinley (Gamble), Erin – 2013
Morgan (Hardebeck), Tammy – 2013
Murray, Mike – Date Unknown
O’Brien, Michelle L. – 2014
Rice, Darren – Date Unknown
Scruggs, Steven – 2013
Stern, Ed – 2002
Stoeffler (Sheperd), Kim – 2002
Terrell, Torrence – 1997

For all of you from Erin McGinley Gamble:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

― Dr. Seuss

* Steve Coon was class of ’89 but, since he was on our list, his information will remain.


One comment on “People we’ll miss

  1. Anonymous
    March 24, 2013

    Mike Murray, Feb 27, 1990.
    Darren Rice, Feb 26, 1990.

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